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1.    What is the refund/reschedule policy?  

a.    If a client is unable to attend a class, they are allowed to reschedule once. Failure to attend the second-class will result in the forfeiture of any registration fees paid.

b.    Clients have 72 hours (seventy-two hours) prior to the scheduled class date to receive a refund in the event the client must cancel which will only be honored once.  If the client does not cancel 72 hours prior to the scheduled class date and time the client forfeits any  registration fees paid.

c.   There are no refunds in cases of accidental registration. Clients who register for the wrong class will have their registration fees held and can be used towards a future class.

 2.    Class capacity

a.    Classes must meet a minimum capacity of 6 to 8 clients per session (for Texas, and Florida). Classes that do not meet the minimum capacity will be cancelled and registered clients will be notified and refunded. At the request of the client the registration fee can be held and placed toward the next scheduled class.  

 3.    Weather Concerns

a. Classes will not be rescheduled due to rain/cold weather above 40 degrees. Classes will only be rescheduled if there is lightning or excessive wind. Clients may opt to reschedule due to rain or inclement weather; however, this will count as your one class reschedule.

 4.   Is the class cost the same if I bring my own ammo/firearm or protective gear?

a. Yes, the class cost is the same if you bring your own ammo, firearm, or protective gear.

 5.  Is there a waitlist or registration deadline for the classes?

a. No, there is no waitlist. The classes are first come, first serve, and will remain open until they are sold out. Subscribe ( to the email list to be notified about all future classes. Yes, there is a registration deadline. Registration must be paid in full 5 days prior to the scheduled class date.

 6.  When are you coming to my city/state?

a. We are willing to come to any city/state with your confirmed location and minimum paid registered clients.  

 7.   Can children attend these classes?

a. Yes, children ages 10-17 can register and attend the classes with a registered parent/guardian present. The participation of the child will be determined by the instructor. The cost of registration is the same for children and adults.

 8.  Do you teach private lessons or private groups?

a. Yes, email for more details and pricing.

 9. Do you have Concealed Carry permit classes or USCCA Certification Classes?     

a. Yes, please click on Schedule a Session to see the list of classes available to you.

 10.  Is there a dress code for the range session?

a.    Yes, please wear a t-shirt and bottoms that do not impede or interfere with the activities of the class. Women are asked to NOT wear V-neck or low-cut tops. No pants below the waist. Absolutely no flip flops, crocs, sandals, slides. Please wear flat, closed toe shoes, like sneakers/boots. We ask that you adhere to the dress code to lessen the risk of hot projectiles landing on your skin to prevent injury and safety concerns. 

 11.  Can I bring my own firearm to class?

a. Yes, you may bring your unloaded firearm to class. The muzzle must be opened in the locked position, the magazine must not be inserted into the barrel of the firearm and the magazine must be empty upon arrival to the range. Advise the instructor that you brought your firearm and allow the instructor to inspector the firearm.

 12. Will you have merchandise available for sale after class?

a.    Yes, we will have limited apparel and sizes. You can also purchase products by visiting our shop at

 13. Why have class prices increased?

a.  The session fee is based on the increased range fees, ammunition price inflation, replacement of eye and ear protection. All classes include a firearm, ammunition, target, eye/ear protection.

 14. Do I need to wash my clothes separately after leaving the range? 

a. Yes, the lead from the projectiles are unseen and in the fabric of your clothing, therefore you need to wash your clothing separately after leaving the range so that you do not contaminate your other clothing items. It is also important that you wash your hands after leaving the range.  

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